I Buy DVD Collections

What I’m looking for

I am looking to pay cash for entire DVD collections in the Southern California area (click here for a map of generally how far I’m willing to drive to meet you.)

When I buy a DVD collection, I am looking for the following:

  • Discs are in excellent condition – LIKE NEW (see below)
  • Discs are in their original cases, including artwork
  • Very few of your DVD’s are former rental discs purchased used from video stores
  • A complete list of titles and/or clear pictures of all the discs on the shelf

What does LIKE NEW mean?

  1. DVDs appear pristine, without scratches, scuffs or fingerprints.
  2. DVDs are in their original cases with artwork.
  3. Box sets still have their booklet inserts and the boxes are not damaged or crumpled in any way (especially the corners.)

If you took care of your DVD’s, your collection is the type I would like to buy!

Generally, if your collection was handled by children a lot, or if it was stored in plastic sleeves – I’m NOT looking for your collection.

If your disks look like this, I’m not interested. These kinds of scratches are not acceptable.


How much will I pay?

This will depend on how many movies or TV seasons are in your collection, and the mix of titles etc.  By selling your entire collection in bulk, you can get a lump of cash right away.  You probably will not receive as much money as you would by selling each DVD individually, but you may not have the time or resources to do this.  If you want to sell your whole collection, fill out the form below and I’ll contact you.

What to Expect

If I am interested in buying your collection, I will contact you to determine a price.  Once we agree on the cost, I will not try to re-negotiate once we meet.  If the quality of the collection is acceptable, you will be paid as promised. If the quality is not as expected, there will not be a sale.  I will inspect the collection thoroughly, ensuring that it looks great.